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Hopper Reserve

Sativa Pre-Roll (Pink Lemonade)

Unit: 1g
THC: 45%

… For the rebel in all of us. Hopper Reserve’s premium, sun-grown cannabis is wrapped in the unbridled spirit of maverick actor, director, photographer, and artist: Dennis Hopper. 

Crafted for those who believe in the freedom of creative expression, in the transformational power of community, in speaking up and standing out.

Unlock the untapped. Sativa strains like Hopper Reserve’s Pink Lemonade offer an energized, euphoric, uplifting ‘mind high’ perfect for daytime use & creative inspiration. This 1g Sativa-dominant hybrid inspires a warm, settling body high -- calming yet productive -- functional enough to “take the edge off” repetitive, stressful moments.

Pink Lemonade 1g pre-roll - The ideal summer joint. Fruity, mint-tea notes, with a tart, lemony-grapefruit finish. The flower we use is from nugs that are coated in a generous layer of trichomes, atop jade foliage and bronze pistils.

How Does it Make me Feel?

Creative - Honor the Rebel within

Inspired - Be your own inspiration

Uplifted - Care-free cheer

Recommended Dosage

A starter dose for smoking dried flowers is ~0.25–0.5 grams. Begin with 1-3 puffs, taking several breaths in between to gauge potency & effect. Adjust accordingly.

All info is provided by Hopper Reserve

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