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Hopper Reserve

Indica Pre-Roll (Gas OG)

Unit: 1g
CBD: 0%

… For the rebel in all of us. Hopper Reserve’s premium, sun-grown cannabis is wrapped in the unbridled spirit of maverick actor, director, photographer, and artist: Dennis Hopper. 

Crafted for those who believe in the freedom of creative expression, in the transformational power of community, in speaking up and standing out.

Indica strains (“evening") like Hopper Reserve’s Gas OG elicit relaxing, smooth, sedating effects. This moderately-high THC level touts lasting diesel notes & lemon-pine flavor.

This 1g pre-roll provides a soothing, warming body buzz from head to toe. Gas OG, the Indica dominant strain flaunts compact, bright neon-green buds with golden sparkles of fiery-orange hairs & milky trichomes. 

How Does it Make me Feel?

Relaxed - Tension + gravity-free!

Free - Press Snooze on Mondays…

Calm - Body and mind-opening

Recommended Dosage

A starter dose for smoking dried flowers is ~0.25–0.5 grams. Begin with 1-3 puffs, taking several breaths in between to gauge potency & effect. Adjust accordingly.

All info is provided by Hopper Reserve

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